Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Winter Weather Wear

From what I can understand, we won't see as much snow here as we are used to back home. However, I noticed in the last couple of weeks that snow suits -the one piece ones used for snowmobiling- were showing up in the stores, so it seems that something like that will be necessary for the kids. I brought along the one pair of snow pants we had in the correct size from home; ones that weren't too puffy but were more like ski pants, and figured we'd find another pair somewhere if we needed it. I was a bit surprised by the snow suits in the stores, though, as I had thought it wouldn't be weather that necessitated these. I was thinking it would be cold and slushy, but not super cold here. Turns out, though, that we were able to find two of these one-piece snow suits that look almost brand new at the recycle shops here in town. We got one at each of the recycle shops this week; the only ones there, and they were the size we needed. What luck! They both say size 116-120, or 6yrs, but they are quite different in actual physical size. That worked out well, since Anders is still bigger than Torben is.
They had fun trying them on yesterday when they got home from school. I'm not sure why they decided to pick up the weights as well, but it made for a fun picture. I'm glad we were able to find these that will keep them warm when they are playing outside this winter. I wasn't quite sure how the rain suits were going to work over warmer clothes. It would be great if they will still fit next year -but I'm not holding my breath for that.

I don't remember if I brought along snow pants for Svea. We did buy her a pair of rain pants, which she wore once. She seems to prefer to have her blanket on in the stroller instead. I never thought, when I ordered the grey and purple carseat canopy, that we'd still be using it long after she had outgrown the bucket car seat! But she loves it as a lap blanket and it's a perfect size for her. I am pretty certain we are going to have to get bigger shoes for her while we're here. I brought along several pair of bigger sizes than she was wearing when we came, and she's already wearing all of them. We've had to put three pair away because they are two small. Probably, though, although she loves wearing my clogs, they are a bit too big still. She looks like such a big kid in this picture! I can't believe how fast she is growing up.
 These are her favourite shoes, and they go with everything. Usually she takes them off as soon as we come in the front door, but for some reason she decided to keep them on while giving her babies a ride in the stroller.

It's not winter weather here yet, but it's definitely fall -at least in the mornings. This morning when we took the kids to school, it was super foggy and the boys kept saying they couldn't see anything, and asking how we were going to manage walking to school if we couldn't see. My hair was damp from the fog and mist by the time I got back home. And I noticed on the bank sign that the temperature was 6. Low 40s is chilly for a morning walk, but it was quite nice. By the afternoon it will probably be close to 20 or so, and I will need to switch out my sweater for a cooler shirt.

We frequently all walk together to take the boys to school in the morning. Someone this morning mentioned how we make lots of people smile when they see all of us walking together. I guess it's not typical for the entire family to walk the kids to school. Generally, at the boys' school, the parents do bring the kids every day and pick them up, but it's usually just one parent, and not typically both parents and the baby. I enjoy it, though. I think it's nice for our whole family to walk together when we can. We'll see how that works out when it starts raining sleet and ice in a few months and it's dark all day...

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