Thursday, September 3, 2015

Preschool Potluck

Wednesday evening was a potluck for all families with kids at the børnehave -the preschool. Each family was asked to bring a dish that would feed as many people as they were bringing. Jeff opted to make home-made macaroni and cheese, which was delicious. Other families brought some of the favourites we've come to love here...curry meatballs (side note: I must find out what's in that yellow curry sauce!), the red sausages that snap when you bite them (for real), warm bread with pesto and brie, pork meatballs, various salads, tomatoes so sweet they tasted like they could be on a dessert. It was a fun time of getting to talk with some other families. We started with this song:
I will have to have Jeff translate all of the words for me, but basically it describes all of the fun things they do there.

After dinner, we all stood up and sang a few of the songs the kids sing at school: head, shoulders, knees and toes; if you're happy and you know it; something about a frog (this one was new to me) and others that had the whole room up jumping and spinning and dancing, and counting or naming the various body parts, and other things that delight preschoolers. We definitely got a glimpse into why the boys come home so tired after school! But what fun they have!

The kids all played outside after the singing time, so we got to see the boys playing with their friends too, while we talked to some of the other parents. It was a good time. It's definitely a very child-focused place.

The playground equipment feels like we are at a great summer camp. I think this weekend we will go there and take pictures of the kids playing on all of the various pieces.

We walk East and South to get to the preschool, which can lead to some great views in the morning. Today, the roads were wet from overnight rain and the sun rising was very bright. Torben looked at the road ahead and said "Mommy! It looks like the streets are made of gold!" And sure enough, they were not only glistening with water, but taking on the colour of the sun and reflecting a fantastic golden hue. So we followed the yellow brick road to school today.

This morning the sky was again the amazing blue with white fluffy clouds and grey with dark clouds simultaneously, and we saw this on our way
As Jeff said, at the end of the rainbow is the Rødding Højskole, in case there was ever any doubt about what you'd find when you find the end of a rainbow. There actually was a second one too, just above the second chimney on this roof, but it was quite light and didn't show up in the photo. Maybe I need to start carrying around my "real" camera and looking like a tourist. Or maybe not.

This kind of sky gave way to more of the fabulous bright sunshine rain. I love it when it rains with no clouds in sight! I sat looking out the window as the walls changed colours with the sun and rain, and drank a demitasse of coffee...

This little mini cup, designed for espresso I'm sure, just makes a cup of coffee fun. I love that the handle not only makes it look unique and fancy, but also makes it easy to hold, and, makes it balance. It's pretty much impossible to tip over these mugs! Genius.

Well, yesterday I made it through one row of learning to knit -the row on the needle. Perhaps today I will find some more time to move on to row two...

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