Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Play Time

Although the boys "play, play, and play" at school, they are still ready for play time at home too. They were a bit wild after school yesterday, so I told them to go outside and run around. I think they had a fun time.

"Hey, mom, check this out!"

 "Oh, and this way too. Take a picture of me here!"

I'm not sure what she got (or put) on her toes, but it was really bothering her this afternoon.
 Though she definitely seems to have the nail-painting position down -maybe I will get her some polish!
 I think in this last one, she was actually trying to hold something between her last two toes -a piece of a price tag or something she found. I think it looks like she's trying to paint that tiny nail on her little toe. That one is always a beast to paint.
 Inertia is a good thing -otherwise, he might have toppled right over during this run.
 Telling the "rules" of the game, no doubt. They are always making up games and seem to be very adept at sharing the rules, even as they make them up as they go along.

This one would be great superimposed onto a big pile of leaves. They were having a blast running across the yard and jumping onto the trampoline. It's great that it's at ground-level.
 Here they come running back to do it all over again.

I wonder what they are talking about here. With the zoom on my camera, I can be inside the house and get a close-up picture, but when I'm that far away I can't hear them when they talk in normal conversation voices (thankfully, they don't talk that softly very often!). I like seeing them together, getting along like the best buddies they are.

Looks like he's nearing the finish line of a long race.

Concentrating very hard on his next move. It probably involves hanging upside down.

 They were begging for me to keep taking pictures, and kept thinking of poses to add to the repertoire -hoping for a portfolio of them, no doubt. It was fun, though. And with digital photography we can see them right away so they know what they want to do next.
Svea was taking her second nap while they were playing outside, so she didn't get in on the photo action much today.

This week at school, there are four kids celebrating birthdays! Two of the days, all of the 5yr old kids are going to the home of the birthday child, and on one other day they are having a party for the other two kids at the school. It's really a neat way to do a birthday, here, where they just bring all the class over to your house for an hour or so, and then everyone goes back to school. It doesn't take away from anyone's family time, and the parents can go back to work, but the kids all get to have a party with their friends. Yesterday they had lunch served on toothpick swords -various breads, cheeses, butter and meats. They each brought home the swords from their lunch, as well, and came up with a unique storage system. Anders decided he wanted to keep his in one of the pockets of his wallet; Torben used a box leftover from some chocolates so he can store more of his treasures in there. He has a lot of treasures.

Instead of having a game/sport night after dinner this week, all of the students went to see a play and Jeff went along. It was the final dress rehearsal, and was actually a series of short scenes put together. He said it was quite fun. This really is an interesting type of educational experience, here at the højskole. I would love to fully experience something like this -so many types of classes to take; just for the fun of learning! I am especially intrigued by how many of the creative arts there are available. Tomorrow evening there is an open night in the sewing / weaving room, so I might go over to that and see what I can learn.

After dropping the boys off at school this morning, we stopped and had a kaffe in the "resting room" as Torben calls the lounge of the classroom building. I love the chocolate espresso from the machine, and Jeff had a hot chocolate. Svea kept asking for a "gink?" of mine -turns out the little one likes chocolate espresso also! Tonight I am going out for sushi with some of the ladies who live around here. That should be fun. I think it is about 6 of us or so. Jeff hasn't decided yet if he's going to venture to dinner with the kids, or if they are going to eat at home tonight.

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