Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lost Tooth #2

Torben's second tooth has been loose for over a week -each day we thought surely that was the day it would finally break free. But no, it kept hanging on. Despite all the apples, pears, sandwiches, and playing, it just stuck itself right there. Finally, he could actually bend it so it was perpendicular to his gums and we said "really, you could pull that tooth out and it wouldn't hurt a bit" and he agreed. So, out came the tooth.

They are such tiny teeth that kids lose when they're 5! As of yet, the tooth fairy has not been invited for any of the four teeth lost between the boys. Anders wanted to save his to show Grandma and Grandpa, and then they got misplaced. Torben lost both of his once we were here in Denmark, and they are resting comfortably inside a piece of aluminum foil on the counter -because there's no way that could go wrong... We were told the going rate here is 20Kr per tooth. So, if Anders is going to write a note to the tooth fairy to please have mercy because his teeth got lost, and Torben is going to put his two under the pillow, the tooth fairy is going to have to cough up some serious coinage!

They are both saving their Kroner to buy something "big". Anders still wants the Qatar Airways soccer jersey he saw at the Sportigen this summer, and he's almost saved up enough to get it. He was counting his Kroner last night and has 137...he needs 150 and Jeff said we'd make up the 50Kr difference so he could get it. I enjoy watching him save and calculate to get something he really wants. I think it will mean a lot more to him than if we had bought it for him the first time he saw it on the rack outside the store. This is our eighth week here, and he has been saving this whole time, and is still talking about using it to buy the same shirt. In many (most) instances, he is not very patient and we are still trying to teach him that, so I'm sort of surprised, and delighted, that he is able to wait and not fritter away his money before he gets what he said he wanted to save for. Torben hasn't decided yet what he is going to use his for, but he's saving them just the same. And Svea doesn't have quite as many as the boys do, but hers are being saved safely in a jar as well.

We got a text message from one of the moms at school that her son really wanted to play with Anders, and would it be OK if he came over after school one day. So, that will be fun. The boys are very excited to have Rolf come over to play. Their other friend, Oliver, also wants to come and play, so maybe we will invite him to come next week. There are almost a dozen kids who are 5yrs old in their school, and several who are 4 as well. The 2 and 3 yr old classes are smaller, but all of them are together during the day for the most part, unless they go to a field trip or birthday party -there seem to be a lot of both of those!

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