Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Lost Tooth

The tooth finally came out! Amusingly, Torben didn't even say anything about it when we picked them up from school. He just went about his business as usual. Then I noticed when he was talking that there was a gap in the front of his mouth, so I asked "did your tooth come out?" And that's when I got this face:

He is quite excited to be able to put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Anders is thinking he will write a note to the tooth fairy that his two teeth he lost really did get lost, and can the tooth fairy please have mercy and leave him some Kroner as well. They are impressed and amazed that the tooth fairy can leave them Kroner instead of dollars. We learned from one of their teachers that the going rate for a tooth is 20Kr -just over $3. Quite a bit steeper than what I remember!

Anders is trying to save up his Kroner so he can get a Qatar soccer jersey that he sees every day at the sports store on our way home from school. It costs 200Kr, which we told him was something he'd have to wait for, and maybe to ask for from Santa for Christmas ("wait, Santa knows Danish??" he said) but then came to the agreement that if he can get 150Kr we will subsidize the rest. He is so excited! It's fun to see him want something so much, and figure out how he can earn the money to buy it himself. We hear many sentences that begin with "If I do......... can I get 20Kr?" and such things. And he's got the running total in his head at all times, and has figured out how much more he needs to get that jersey. I think we will suggest he buys a slightly bigger size than he needs, because I have a feeling he will wear it for a very long time.

Torben isn't sure yet what he plans to use his Kroner for. For the time being, he's got them in a little jar on the counter. I'm curious to see what he will end up getting with it.

Svea has a little bit of her own, as well. I will probably help her pick out some ponies or Miffy books she can take back home with her.

The weather today is a bit crazy. It's either totally dark with grey and black clouds, or else totally blue sky with bright fluffy white clouds. It really is a case of "if you don't like the weather, come back in ten minutes" -it is literally changing that quickly; and often!

Tuesday night was another special dinner night. The students from Syria got to choose the foods, so there was tabbouleh, curry chicken and curry rice, chicken strips, pita, and salad. Some of the flavours were a bit strong, but when you mixed it all together and put it in a pita, it was delightful! Anders ate three plates of rice. Torben and Svea tried the tabbouleh, but the taste was a bit too intense for them. I really liked it when mixed with the rice. I would have loved some tzatziki sauce with it!

It was Jeff's long evening at the Højskole, and after dinner they played ultimate Frisbee. One of the students lives in San Diego, so he and Jeff worked together to teach the others. It's good the frisbees we brought are glow-in-the-dark, they will be able to play all winter long too! The boys really wanted to go play, so I imagine there are a few ultimate games in our future as well.

Well, I have a bit more time before Svea wakes up today. I think I will try to find some instructions or a pattern for the yarn I bought a week or so ago. Not sure yet what I will make...probably a scarf is the easiest! And it will probably have to be for Svea -I didn't get enough yarn to make it for anyone larger than she is.

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