Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sleeping in a Barn

As part of theme week, the students are sleeping in different places each night. Tuesday night, the "newest" teacher got to go along, so Jeff and 41 students slept in an old pig barn about 5 miles away. They all left shortly after dinner and the students all walked to the old farm and church. Jeff decided to take the car, for safety reasons it seemed prudent to have a car along in case anything happened and they needed to get back quickly.

They visited Sdr. Hygum and got to learn about the history of the place from the farmer there. The church is apparently the 2nd largest country church in Denmark at 15m x 41m. After the large cathedral was built in Ribe, the leftover building materials were sent to this church, which allowed it to be so much bigger than a typical country church would have been. The story goes that a few hundred years back, the pastor had a bit of a problem with gambling, and lost the baptismal font and the pulpit (among other things) in bets with other pastors, so some of the original pieces of the church are scattered around in other churches.

The old hog barn, complete with cement floor, was the sleeping location for the evening. Glad the kids and I got to sleep indoors at home! Anders and Torben fell asleep around 7:45, Svea around 8:00, and I went to bed at 8:15. It was glorious! Jeff was still posting to Facebook at 12:30 am; from the barn. The boys were concerned that he'd be sleeping with the animals, but, it turned out that it's not currently used for animals. They were debating this morning, when Jeff got back, whether it would have been more comfortable to sleep if the floor was covered with hay, rather than cold and hard cement. We decided hay might be too itchy to allow for a good sleep, so the cement was probably better.

Hopefully we can go out to see the farm and church sometime when the kids and I can go along, so we can see it. It's quite a historic and famous place around here. I plan to come back home to sleep, though. I don't need that much of an experience!

We are getting to the time of year now where the air is crisp and cool, and several people have fires in the fireplaces or woodstoves, so there's a consistent smell of fall in the air. I love it! It's my favourite time of year. Everything is still green, though. I am curious to see whether the leaves turn and there is a display of fall colours here as well. The hazelnut tree in the corner of the yard is so neat-looking. The branches are so twisty and the leaves are all shriveled and crumply. I wonder if they would grow at home; I'd really like to have one of them around. Aside from loving hazelnuts, the tree is just so much fun to look at! And they bring the branches indoors (not all of them, obviously) in the winter and hang small ornaments or decorations on them. There is quite a large set in the Friskole that they hang various pieces of the kids artwork on. Right now there are several rockets hanging from the branches. The magnolia blooms have come and gone. They were quite pretty, though their time is short. The tree itself is good for climbing, though. The boys have grown to love climbing that tree, and it's fun to see their faces poking out through the leaves. I think this afternoon we will go outside and see if any more of the berries or fruit are ready for picking. Last week they weren't quite done.

I tried again at knitting this morning, with the help of YouTube. Play-pause-play-pause-start over-play-pause, etc. The video is 7 minutes but I think I only made it to minute 3 so far. I bought some larger needles and thicker yarn to hopefully make it a bit easier. It's still not working quite right, though. I think I dropped a couple of stitches so it was a big mess and I pulled out most of what I had done. I'm still trying to cast on the first row of the new yarn. Hopefully when I figure it out, it will be a nice burnt-orange scarf for Svea, rather than something for a Barbie doll. We shall see!

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