Friday, September 18, 2015

Højskole Classroom Building

Today we got a tour of the classroom building at the højskole. It was just remodeled about two years ago, from an old barn. They kept all of the silos and other parts of the barn intact, so it's really an interesting piece of architecture.
 This is the main lounge area, with small cafe tables and chairs, and a fireplace built into one of the silos. Around the back, inside the silo, is where the printers, book-binder, and other "office" type machinery are located. In the silo on the right, there is a bench around the entire inside, and a table with an ongoing puzzle on it.

We sat here and had a hot chocolate after picking the boys up from school. They thought that was pretty awesome, and asked when we can do it again.

We also saw the graphic and industrial design rooms, the music studios, and the art glass and pottery room. What a creative space! We did not go into the classrooms upstairs where journalism and those types of classes meet, because the students were having class in those rooms at the time.
 Torben decided to chill in the hanging chair for a little while, while we were looking around.
 This is another lounge space, upstairs looking over the space with tables and chairs. It's simply full of beanbags and poufs and is meant for relaxing with your friends.

There is a large mural of Grundvig on the wall leading upstairs, as a reminder.

Jeff and I also took a walk to the grocery store with Svea in the afternoon, and decided to stop at the little food stand outside for a snack. Jeff was intending on getting a hot dog, but instead we settled on the 40Kr plate of pommes frites. Svea was impressed with them as well.
I thought it was interesting that while we were in there, a woman came in with her Louis Vuitton purse and matching wallet to purchase a hot dog and eat it at the little counter in the hot dog stand outside the grocery store. Something just seemed amusing to me about that.

We woke this morning to a gorgeous sun rise that Torben said made it look like the trees were almost on fire. Everything seemed lit from within.
Then on the way to school, it rained and we got pretty wet. But there was another huge rainbow in the sky on the walk back. I don't remember seeing as many rainbows before as we have seen since we've been here. Each of the colours and gradations are visible, too, which is pretty to see.

Last night the højskole students had a trip to the planetarium, and Jeff went along with them. Though in general stars aren't his thing, he said it was really interesting, especially the talk that the people gave. The boys thought it would be fun to go to the planetarium sometime -I told them maybe we will take the train to Chicago with them and go to the Adler when they're a bit bigger.

I worked on my knitting while he was gone, after the kids went to sleep. I think I got the straight lines figured out now -thanks to YouTube.

I'm not sure how I will finish off the scarf for will definitely need to be colour-blocked, because I don't have all that much orange yarn! That is one of the challenges of buying your materials from the recycle shop, I guess. I probably used about half of it to get this far, so maybe I will change to a different colour and save the rest of the orange for the opposite end.

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  1. Love the hanging chair!!! Can we have a knitting play date when you get back?