Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Theme Week

This week is a bit different at the højskole -Jeff and two other teachers are in charge of a theme week and the students are in charge of leading various classes and teaching their fellow students. One thing they asked to do was sleep somewhere different each night. So, for the first night of theme week, they randomly chose a number between 1 and 21 and that number corresponded to a different spot they were to sleep that night. Some examples were: the bike shed, the eastern-most section of the campus, the laundry room, the theater stage and the like. It was pretty funny to watch them gasp when they were told which spot they'd picked! The class sessions they are leading are based on what the students feel they are good at and would like to teach to others.

The foods are different for theme week as well. For lunch we had pita breads with hummus, peas, corn, cucumber, tomatoes, pork or beef, tzatziki sauce, and arugula. Dinner was a lamb-based dish that tasted a lot like vegetable soup, and was served over rice. And then a bread-type pie made of something like couscous that had meat in between the two layers of breading.

It turned out to be quite a rainy afternoon and evening. The kids and I got totally soaked walking home from school. The kind of wet where the next morning, everything is mostly still wet. Svea's poor dolly is still damp through. It was fun to walk in the downpour, though. Svea wasn't a fan at first, but then she thought it was sort of fun too. It's been a while since they whined about how long the walk home is (it takes me about 7 minutes; ends up being closer to 15 with the kids) so maybe they are getting used to it now.

After school, while Svea was sleeping, I taught the boys to play skip-bo. They thought it was quite fun and asked to play again after school. It's fun when they start to get old enough to play big-people games with us.

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