Thursday, September 10, 2015

Biograf and a campfire

One of the native plants here is heather, which turns much of the countryside various shades of purple when it's in bloom. We returned from dinner and found a heather plant on our doorstep, from the neighbors. It's quite beautiful!

The blue and green groups (older kids) from the Friskole went to the cinema again. It's so neat that they get to do that. After snack time in the morning, they all walk over and watch a movie of a few cartoons, and then walk back to school for lunch. This is the second time they've gotten to do that this fall. In the afternoon, they had a campfire at school as well. It really seems like a great summer-camp type thing they've got going on! When I picked the boys up, the teacher said they had also found a bush with lots of miniature plums on it, which they were sharing with the class as well. They ate a LOT of plums. They look sort of like cherries, except the consistency of plums. And the inside is definitely a plum.
We've had some other fruit recently that's called ananas, which is, essentially, a pineapple-cherry. Not sure why, as it resembles neither of those fruits. It's small and orange and sort of shaped like a cherry tomato, but the inside is very dense with little tiny seeds. It's sort of citrusy, and very sweet. It's served on the tray with cheeses and crackers.

And speaking of foods that don't resemble their names, we saw this sign at the supermarket yesterday. And, though my Danish still needs (a lot of) work, I am pretty sure that one of these things is not like the other.

So, if I want to buy a I get to pay 10Kr for it? It's good I don't like cantaloup, or I might be disappointed with this display.

The boys have so much fun playing at school. Torben seems especially fond of this digging toy, and I often see him playing on it when I go to pick up him in the afternoons. Usually Anders is riding a bike. He's getting very good at it. He decided right before we left home that he didn't need his training wheels any longer, and just took off.

I finished reading my fourth book this week. I've read two other books she's written as well, and they are all good. This one takes a look at how to foster the habits we want to create in our lives, and how to un-foster the ones we don't want to have.

After school I asked them how the cinema was, and naturally they both started talking at once. I heard some mention of the plums they picked, and that there were several cartoons, and something from the campfire, and that they have a new friend named Oliver. It's fun when they are so excited they just keep talking even though the other one is talking just as loudly and just as fast, and you can't really understand what anyone is saying. I still have no idea what the movie was about, or what they did at their campfire. But they sure had fun. When they finished talking, I asked what else they did at school, "played." It's funny what they get animated about.

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