Thursday, October 8, 2015

Morgenkaffe (Morning Coffee)

This morning at the Friskole they invited parents to Morgenkaffe between 6:30 and 8:30am. We didn't make it out of the house any earlier than normal, so when we got there, I was glad to see that there was still a sign on the table downstairs that everyone was upstairs, and inviting parents and kids to come on up. They typically do after-school care upstairs, so there are several rooms with various types of toys as well as tables and chairs for homework or art projects. In the center room they have a small kitchenette with a stove, sink, and dishwasher, as well as a long island with a step in front of it -presumably so kids could participate in various learning activities in the kitchen as well. There were still many parents and small children sitting down at tables having bread and cheese as well as coffee and tea. The kids were mostly playing with the "new" toys they don't typically get to play with since their class meets downstairs. We sat down to delicious bread and some coffee and saw a few familiar faces. It was kind of a fun way to start the morning. It's a nice, relaxing way to meet some of the other parents. And the hours made it possible for people to stop by when they could and leave when they needed to in order to get to work on time. Many of those who were still there are 8:30 tended to have small children and babies, so they are probably still at home with the little ones and could take their time more leisurely than those who needed to get to work.

Yesterday, the fall rains returned. It may rain for days now! When I got to the school to pick up the boys, they each had a blue plastic bag filled with wet clothes, their rain suits were hanging up outside, and Anders was even wearing a pair of the school's pants because he'd changed through all the extra clothes we had there (both his and Torben's!). They seemed to have had a good day though! It was again a trip to the biograf for movies for the older kids. And in the afternoon they had a campfire, even though it was raining. They made some sort of bread for their snack at the fire, Anders wasn't a huge fan of the bread, and told me he threw it away after he tried it.

Svea wasn't a huge fan of the rains yesterday while riding in her stroller, though it did get her to wear her rain coat (with hood!) without protesting, so that was progress. I think we still start putting her rain pants on as well so her blanket doesn't get as wet. I'm trying to figure out if there would be a way to attach an old rain coat to a blanket to make one that's waterproof on one side. Not sure if it's possible, but it seems like a good idea. I saw a large, triangular, warm scarf at the recycle shop that might work perfectly for a lap blanket if I could figure out how to attach a coat to it...

This afternoon the boys' friend Oliver is coming over to play after school. We asked one of the teachers this morning if Oliver's mother had mentioned he was coming home with us, and she said yes, the mother had, and so had Oliver (again, and again, and again...). He is very excited. He has been telling everyone that he is coming to our house. The boys are quite popular at the school, it seems. I am glad they are having a fun time and making lots of new friends. Their Danish is getting better and better each day as well. Anders has a good grasp on much of the sentence structure, and often switches back and forth between Danish and English in the same sentence, depending on which words he knows so far in Danish. Yesterday we took a video of each of them counting...Anders got to 59 and Torben counted to 49. In another couple of months, I imagine the whole language will just click for them and they will be talking with no problems.

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