Thursday, October 22, 2015

Anders and Torben in the News

Several weeks ago, one of the teachers told us that the friskole was going to have a story in the paper about our boys. We've been waiting (mostly) patiently to see the story come out in the weekly Tuesday paper. Each week it seemed the answer was "I guess it will be in next week..." But this week, at long last, on Wednesday the teacher said "it was in yesterday's paper!" For some reason, we didn't get the paper this week, but Jeff was able to find the story online. on page 54-55, there they are!

We are going to get a copy of the article as well, but it sure is fun to see it in print! And it's such a cute picture too. Them being up in a tree is pretty typical, so it was a good picture to choose. They really have a great time at school here, and it's fun that they did a story about them as well.

All the kids really are growing up fast here, it seems. Svea especially is turning into a little girl rather than a baby. Oftentimes, now, she opts to sit on a big chair at the dining hall instead of in her high chair. This doesn't work very well in terms of neat eating, but she likes being like the big people.

Last night I was invited to Bolette's house with some of the other teachers just to hang out. There were six of us, and when they realized I was there (rather than Jeff, who has a full understanding of Danish language) they changed the game they were going to play and opted for Apples to Apples instead. That was nice. Their English is all much (much!) better than my understanding of Danish, so the other game wouldn't have worked very well -well, unless they just really wanted to beat me at it. It was certain I would have lost! Instead, we played a game I understood, and which I just happened to win. That was fun too. We did not start playing until well after 9pm, and I was already dressed for bed when Bolette called to invite me over, but I'm glad I changed back into clothes and went across the street to be with them. It was a fun evening.

Today it is chilly and drizzling, and Anders asked for his pilot suit instead of just the rain suit to wear at school today. When we arrived at school the whole big table was covered with Lego, and most of the kids were sitting together and building things. It's a great morning activity, since kids can just join in the play as they arrive, and not feel they have missed anything that happened earlier.

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