Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sick Day

Tuesday night at dinner, Torben said he wasn't feeling very well and he didn't really eat much. As Jeff and I were getting ready to go to bed, Torben came walking down the stairs with his pillow, sort of whimpering and crying that he really wasn't ready to get up yet. We told him that was good, because it was 10:00 at night and there was a lot of sleeping time left! He asked to sleep in our bed, and I noticed he had a definite fever. Not only does he get hot like you would expect from a fever, but he also cannot stop talking! He talks and talks and talks, and most of it doesn't make any sense. Every time he gets a fever he is like that. Doesn't matter if it's 99 or 104, he just has a lot to say about nothing. So, it took a while for him to fall back asleep, but then he slept well.

In the morning, he woke up and said he was feeling OK, then got up to get a drink and came back and laid down again, and then said he had been feeling good, but once he got a drink he didn't feel good anymore and could he just stay there for 6 more minutes. His fever was less -almost gone- but I decided he would do well to have a rest day at home. Anders and Jeff got dressed and headed off to school, and Torben, Svea and I sat on the couch in our comfy clothes and watched a movie for a while. When Svea took her nap, Torben and I got out the Duplo blocks and decided to build a castle.
Our castle also had a flower garden, and a gated pasture for all the animals. I accidentally took my picture before all the animals returned "home" so only the polar bear is there now.

The blue blocks under the fenceposts are water for the animals to drink, of course.
We also had to sort all the blocks into piles by colour before we could build anything. Apparently there are a lot of rules involved in free play!

We played for quite a while with the Duplo, and when Svea got up she played with it as well. They really are great toys! It's nice that the boys don't feel they are too old to use the big ones. I rather like that there is a princess set and a zoo set here, so we can build castles and have lots of animals as well, in addition to a plethora of regular bricks.

Today Svea is wearing the Canucks suit that Byron, Diane, and Rebecca Grant bought for the boys before they were even born. It's fun how Svea gets to wear it now too. She's not quite big enough for it, but will certainly grow into it over the winter.
 I love the serious, far-off stare she gets when she's looking intently at something.
 I also love this little smile. She was taking a picture in messenger to send to Papa Randy and always gets a smile when her Grandmas or Papas are on the phone.
 I would have thought that by October, we'd be nearing the end of blooming season here. But, there seems to be a whole new crop of flowers bursting forth with amazing colours now! The crocus are out in abundance, mostly light purple ones. At home we see those in February or March, so I was surprised to see them at the end of September. The rhododendron have buds on them -which I definitely wouldn't expect going into winter- and these flowers just opened up all over town.
 And the looks of the fruitbowl have changed over the last few weeks. Gone are the honey melons (they are still available, but instead of being 4.98Kr they are approximately 17Kr each now) and apples and pears are in abundance. I love these small pears! They are so very sweet, and they even scented the whole kitchen with a beautiful fragrance. Jeff walked in and said "what smells so good in here?" It's the fruit! The pears are very small...maybe six bites each. They are approximately 1Kr each when you buy them by the kilogram package. So far we have bought 3Kg this week. The apples are also very delicious right now. Jeff thinks he found an orchard where we can go pick our own, so that will be a fun activity to look forward to sometime soon.
Thursday, both boys are back at school. It's culture week here and the boys are going for a walk at school today to see some of the interesting things on display around town. Yesterday, Anders and Jeff came across a traditional dance going on in the street when they were coming home from school. There have been flags up lining the entire main street, and there is art work in most of the store windows.

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