Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Twenty ninth weekend

It was a glorious weekend! The weather seemed to momentarily decide to be spring, and we all wore light jackets / hoodies when we walked to the ABC for groceries. It's been quite a while since we all went to the store -Jeff has been going alone most of the winter, often taking the car when the weather was particularly uninspiring. But, the car battery was dead, so there was no driving. And the weather was perfect anyway so we walked. The boys came home from school Friday and played outside for another couple of hours. It's so nice that the weather is allowing them to do that again. They are getting bored inside.

Most of the students from the folk school left this weekend -some weekends they have to stay, some they are encouraged to stay, and others they are free to leave, so on this one almost all left. The group of short-course people was heading out Saturday, and the new short course group didn't come until Sunday afternoon, so there weren't many people around. We took advantage of that and stayed home for all of our meals. Torben, especially, has been asking to eat at home more lately, and it was nice to do that. We keep reminding him that when we get home we will be eating all of our meals at home, but that doesn't seem to deter him from wanting to do it now. Generally about once or twice a week we will eat at home now, and that seems to suffice.

It is nice to see all the flowers beginning to poke through the ground now too. This was a happy bunch of light lavender crocus.
This was something too good to not take a photo of; it is a refrigerator cabinet full of tubed fish. Just in case you have a salmon, or tuna, or some other sort of fish emergency and need squeezable fish immediately. I suppose if you love fish more than we do, it might be a worthwhile thing to have on hand, and it might make the preparation of canapes easier if you were having guests. 

I really shouldn't wait so long to write about the weekends! When we first got here I was so good about writing each weekday so I wouldn't forget the things we did that we would want to remember, but have been lazy this winter. So now, on Wednesday, I cannot recall much we did over the weekend. I know the boys played outside a lot, because the weather was gorgeous. On Saturday morning all three kids woke up at 6:45, which wasn't really ideal. Sunday morning the boys woke up shortly after 7, but quietly went downstairs, made themselves some breakfast, and played with their toys so Jeff and I didn't have to get up until 8:20 when Svea got up. 

We are almost finished our reading of Little House in the Big Woods with the boys. We should have time to finish Charlotte's Web before we go home, too. They really enjoy the bedtime reading -Anders more than Torben, because it involves sitting still and quiet and Torben prefers to "have fun" at all times. I wonder what books they will choose when we get home -whether we will continue with the Little House series or find a different one. 

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