Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Thirty First Weekend

Ah, the weather is getting nicer! We got out and about on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, and it was glorious! The weather forecast said that Sunday was supposed to be an even better day than Saturday, so we planned to go to the ocean Sunday. Then it turned out to be cold and foggy in the morning, and we changed up our plans to go a little closer Sunday afternoon.

As we were out for our walk on Saturday afternoon, we came across this little neighborhood, with boxwood shaped into letters. It looked sort of like fraternity row. Except there aren't any fraternities here. 

Saturday we took a long walk around town; first headed to the gas station up the road to mail some forms back to the U.S., then the long and winding way around to get to the park. They have a new set of swings at the park so it was fun to try those out. It looks like they aren't quite finished building yet, as there are two swings attached, and then the connectors for a third something.

Svea decided she didn't like going down the slide anymore. She would climb up the ladder on the back, walk to the slide, and then turn around and climb back down the ladder. I'm not sure why she's all the sudden decided against the slide, but, for now she refuses.
 Jeff and Anders both had fun swinging on the new swings. I wonder if they would look about the same size if I took the picture when Jeff was at the back and Anders was at the front.
 It is really nice that they have a teeter totter that is built for four kids. The three of them love to play on it. Svea was pretending she was a cowgirl and kept taking her hands off the handles to scream in the air with delight.
 She's getting so grown up. Here she was just sitting at the picnic table with us for a very brief moment, just long enough for a picture before she headed off to play again.
 Even after walking right in front of Anders and getting bumped with the swing, she still wanted to try it for herself.
 She is very excited about "walkin" everywhere. However, her idea of "walkin" is not quite the same as our ideas of walking...she likes to be out of the stroller, but often wants to be carried. Somehow, riding on Jeff's shoulders is also considered "walkin."
 Sunday afternoon we went to Hejlsmind, about 40 minutes away. I love this picture of the boys standing in The Little Belt, a branch of the Baltic Sea. We seem to have a lot of pictures of them standing at the edge of various large bodies of water, I think I am going to make a collage of all of them; they will like it when they're older.

 It's a cute little town along the sea. The kids loved walking through the sand to see all the shells. We kept Svea in her stroller during this walk, or she would have been in the water too, and it was still pretty chilly out. The boys wore their rain boots so they stayed mostly dry. But I think she would have been swimming if she had the chance.

 I love all the old buildings in these little towns around here. This one had a beautiful view of the water from all windows, as it was directly across the street from the beach.
 If Torben had his way, we would have stayed here on the beach with the sand and rocks all day. He was enjoying it so much!
 This photo amused us. The small green circle sign on the right side means that that piece of land is a protected wilderness area. The grass is about as large as our driveway at home. But, it is protected and no one can build on it. This gives the people across the street a nice view of the water, anyway!
 Many of the homes in this town are weekend homes, or weekend rentals. As such, many of them are very tiny. I still think the architecture is beautiful, though. They look very welcoming and homey.
 This home is the location of the former border between Germany and Denmark. The office you had to stop in to pay duties on items brought between the countries. I thought the door itself was beautiful.

 We also encountered a small camping area in town, complete with a mini golf course, spots for campers, and tent locations. It was a bit cold for camping, so there weren't any people there, but the boys thought it was fun that there was a mini golf course right here.
 The two of them just love running!
 This small cottage is for sale. I think it looks like something from a storybook.

 I love the quaintness of this sign for a cafe. The chair sits on the edge of the sidewalk, telling people where they can find a cup of kaffe or a roll.
This sign was for the same cafe. I absolutely love it. I am pretty sure this one will be on the wall when we get home. 
We made it back from our Sunday adventure at 5:56, just four minutes before dinner. The kids were excited that we got to take the car to dinner, since we drove right there instead of coming home first. 

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