Monday, February 1, 2016

Twenty Fifth weekend

We had a fun weekend, though we stayed close to home because we are all getting over colds. Svea's seems to be hanging on longest, now, and she looks pretty miserable. Everyone else is mostly on the mend. 

For his birthday, Torben got a kit to make this foamcore dumptruck. He and Jeff built it together, and he is so excited about it! 
 Svea is into glasses lately, so we spend a lot of time putting these sunglasses on and off, on our heads, on our faces, upside down, you name it. I liked her movie-star look here while she was chugging her milk -actually, Torben's milk that she took possession of. Her cup is purple, and she knows that very well, but, she wanted this one. Torben would just have to get more milk when he got home from school!
 I love how they all get into the Disney Sjov spirit on Friday evenings after supper. Even though it's not the only time they get to watch tv, they still get excited about Disney at 7pm on Fridays. They pull out the beanbags and popcorn, and cuddle up together to watch. Sometimes they want me and Jeff on the beanbag with them, and then they laugh when we try to get up again. This weekend they seemed content to be together with the three of them . We always have to get out the vacuum for bits of popcorn after Disney. But they love the tradition.
 Svea is loving all the ponies the girls have here at the house. She lines them up, and asks what colours they are, puts them ni-nite in either the pony stable or some other toy -like the castle for princesses-. Her counting system is funny.... 1, 2, 5! Her favourite number to say is 2-5. Not sure why she likes two-five so much, but she really does. And, despite knowing how to count to four properly, she thinks it's hilarious to skip 3 and 4 and just count 1...2...5! And laugh.
These "bug-eye" glasses were in the advent presents from Great Grandma Marge, and the kids all love them. They really make you look funny, for sure! Anders was wearing them this weekend, and sad "Mom, I was sitting on the toilet, going potty, wearing these glasses and I saw the wall was covered with trees!" Good imagination on that kid!
We are coming up to Fastelavn here, which seems something like Mardi Gras, or Halloween, or Carnivale in Rio...though maybe on a slightly smaller scale. This weekend they celebrated it at the folk school, so on Saturday night we went over to watch the students break open the Fastelavn barrels. They were full of all sorts of interesting things...some of which we didn't want to explain to the kids. Mostly, they are full of candy. And you take turns hitting the wooden barrels with bats or wooden sticks until they break open. Then there is some system for determining the King and Queen, based on different parts of the barrel being broken. These students had six barrels hung from the ceiling in the theater, and walked around in a line taking turns at each of them. They were all dressed in costumes, which was fun for the kids to watch. After they all headed off to dinner, the kids went and looked through the remnants and found several clementine oranges, lots of balloons, and some lollipops that had gone unnoticed. So they felt good about it too! Next weekend we are going to a Fastelavn party specifically for younger children, so they will get a bit more involved with that one. They are also having a party at their school this coming Friday, and get to wear their costumes for that also. Should be fun.

The weather this weekend was funny. Sunday there was rain, snow, hail, sleet, and sunshine. I sent the boys outside in the rain for a while, with their warm suits, because they were going a bit stir crazy in the house. They had a blast. They filled up some of the balloons they'd found after the barrel-breaking with water and took them outside too. Then it started snowing huge puffy flakes on them. They had so much fun! Their warm suits are such a genius invention! I am pretty sure that the one Anders has will fit Torben next year, and we're going to look into finding one for Anders for next year at the recycle shop before we go home. There's so much of the fall-spring season where they could wear them to play outside back at home. We already got one for Svea for next year. We were debating about it at the shop, and she saw it and talked about how pretty it was, and when we asked if she wanted it, she said she did. It was a good price.

I finished reading another book, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella. They are quite funny. It's the third or fourth I've read of hers. I really am liking all the reading time I have here! And I'm grateful for interlibrary loan, because these libraries all have small-ish English sections, but when I can order them from different places, there's quite a good selection!

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