Monday, April 18, 2016

Dining Al Fresco

Last Monday, Jeff and the boys were outside riding bikes and scooters in the parking lot across the street, which is right next to Bolette's house. When they came back inside, Jeff mentioned that we'd been invited for dinner in a half hour. What fun! We were already planning to eat at home, because the folk school students were all on their trip to Scotland and there wasn't really a lot going on in the dining room this week anyway. The boys were very excited to have fruit salad for dinner, so we decided to bring that along. Quickly the boys helped me chop up all the fruit (without any cuts in our fingers like had happened last week when I was trying to demonstrate how to cut carefully and sliced by own finger open). It was a gorgeous day, and turned out to the be the first day for the season that they were going to eat outside!

There was a small table set up on the patio for the twins -hers and ours- and the adults and Svea were going to sit at the table inside the greenhouse. What a splendid idea! I'd never considered using half of a glass greenhouse as a protected area for a picnic table. It might be very hot some times in the summer, but you'd be able to eat out there even if it was raining! Maybe I don't need a screen porch at home, maybe just a greenhouse...but I digress. Svea thought the small table should be for her, and she kept carrying the chairs back and forth between there, the big table, and the playhouse. Their trampoline is quite far above the ground -over her head- so she couldn't jump on it with the bigger kids, so she amused herself in the playhouse instead.
 Here is Jeff making sure the food is all set for eating. We had quiche with potatoes and bacon and chives, and quiche with just bacon and chives. Quite delicious! Also green beans, carrots, and cucumbers and the fruit salad we'd brought along. It was a delightful time spent with friends.

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