Monday, December 7, 2015

Seventeenth Weekend

Our third weekend in a row of feeling more tired at the end of it than we were at the beginning! But, we had lots of good times together over the last few days.

It seems our Disney and popcorn Friday nights have been expanded slightly, and now include hot chocolate with huge marshmallows. Svea has even figured out how to drink out of the regular mugs sometimes.
 Photo distortion is fantastic sometimes! That, in reality, is a very small mug and a regular size marshmallow. But it looks fit for a giant!

While Svea napped the boys played with the perler beads. They think these are very fun, and requested some more of them for their birthday, and also when we get back home.

 They are very careful and meticulous when making their designs. It's fun to watch them study and pick and choose the colours.
 I made just one, a red and white heart to hang on the Christmas tree. I'm hoping it's not too big for our little tree!
 Elfie found a few fun places to hide. On top of the map in the dining room...
 ...and with the other nisse friends in the livingroom window.
When he was hanging out in this window, Torben tried to put up a Christmas decoration, and accidentally touched his leg. He felt very  badly about it, and we wrote a note, hoping the nisse Charlie would take it to Santa so Elfie could get his magic back. Thankfully, his petition worked, and Elfie found a new place to sit last night, and Charlie even brought back a small bag of toys for the boys too.

It has been incredibly windy here this fall. Last weekend, it literally blew Anders to the ground when he was trying to walk. This weekend, they were trying to go to bed and the wind was howling outside, and Anders asked what would happen if the house blew over and his bed started flying. Thankfully, that didn't happen. Yesterday afternoon the boys put on their warm suits and went to play outside in the wind. They tried for a while to learn to use the rollerblades on the patio outside the back door, then took shelter inside one of the large trees. I could see them only occasionally when the wind blew the branches in a particular way to reveal them inside their makeshift fort.

After dinner Sunday night we all went over to the main classroom building, to the "resting room" as the boys call it, to have a hot chocolate. They always get wild when we let them have a hot chocolate right before bed, but they really enjoy it so we indulge them sometimes. And we enjoy it too, so everybody wins -at least until bedtime. Then it is a bit of a struggle! We have been reading Little House in the Big Woods for quite a while now, and are about 1/3 of the way through. It's a little bit old for them, so we don't usually get through very many pages at a time. They are enjoying the story, though, and asking lots of questions about how people lived. They are particularly distraught by the idea that the kids couldn't talk or even smile on the walk to and from church on Sundays, and that they weren't allowed to play at all that day. It's fun that they are old enough now to follow a chapter book story from day to day.

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